I am on research leave for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. However, below you can find a brief overview of the courses I regularly teach at Stony Brook.

Introduction to Sociology

In this course students learn 1. many of the fundamental concepts that sociologists use to describe the social world, 2. the theories sociologists use to explain social behavior, and 3. how sociologists apply the scientific method to explain social phenomena.

Class meetings are organized primarily around lectures. However, students actively and regularly contribute to lectures. Students use audience response devices (aka clickers) to indicate their opinions, experiences, and preferences. Students also use their clickers to respond to reading quiz and practice exam questions.

Sociology majors are required to take intro to soc. All Stony Brook students can take this course to fulfill part of their SBS requirements.

Environmental Sociology

The overall take-away of this course: Human societies affect the natural environment and the natural environment affects human societies. Both relationships are unequal. In other words, some societies have a larger, negative impact on nature. Conversely, pollutants, natural disasters etc. affect some populations more than others. The most impactful societies tend to be impacted the least and vice versa.

This course is organized around discussion and group projects. Students reflect on key concepts introduced in readings and lecture and how they relate to current issues. Students work collaboratively to collect data and conduct research on related topics that most interest them.

Sociology majors can take this course for credit toward their required electives. All Stony Brook students can earn SBS+ and GLO credit for this course.

Global Sociology

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